Your Favorite Theme in Pokemon?

The new Necrozma form's theme (trying not to spoil anything) is holy awesomness
The setting on which it plays makes it that much more awesome, reminds me of those godly bosses of Final Fantasy, like Kefka and Safer-Sephiroth
I think it is now fair game to post U-SM musics. So.... I'll start with one by one post.

I went to find UB-Slash Kartana and.... his world's music is so traditional and serene. Those flute, koto, and traditional drum... I thought this could pass for a forest in Johto. This made me wish we could explore more of these Ultra worlds (although that's definitely too much for 3DS)....

And what in Arceus' name is the Ultra Jungle? Seriously... this is too... manly it's so hilarious.

I haven't heard the other Ultra world themes... didn't get to listen the U-Moon ones yet....
The music when you ride and collect rings is perfect for what you're doing (being vague here because spoilers)
USUM is really just a surfing game. This music is fairly self explanatory so I'll let the music do the talking here.

Ultra Desert, Ultra Plant and Ultra Ruin. Links to avoid cluttering the page. Ultra Desert is the perfect mix of creepy and relaxing. I like it. Ultra Plant is hard to describe, but it fits Xuriktree perfectly, and Ultra Ruins has one of the darkest tracks in the franchises when you take into account its a reversed Hau'oli city with static and other sound effects. Perfectly fitting for its location. While not an Ultra Beast location, the reverse of Ultra Space Wilds is pretty calming too.

Of course, the new battle music is very well done too, and while you can't mention new battle music without mentioning Ultra Necrozma, I find the fusion form battle to be better.
Better to let the music do the talking here.

There are others, but I've already linked a lot. USUM has a lot of problems but the one area they absolutely got right is the music. Lots of new tracks which (for me) take their place among some of the legends of PokeMusic.


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As of right now, my all-time favorite is probably Opelucid City from Pokemon White without the erhu (seriously, the electronic-sounding erhu kinda ruins it). The first time I entered the city, it felt like something different due to minor key it starts out with and the unusual but neat sounding instrumentation. It turns into something more traditionally seen in Pokemon games before setting itself up to repeat and I think the amounts of both kinda of sounds ended up being just right. The initial instrumentation and minor progression definitely fit the city filled with old buildings and legend telling residents. The theme fit the environment very well and was different enough to make me pay more attention to it than I normally would.

My other and older favorites are the rocket grunt battle and its remastered version from Crystal and Soul Silver respectively, wild encounter and its higher key variations in Leaf Green, the Violet City remix on the Sevii Islands that is also in Leaf Green, battling the three golems in Ruby, Cyrus's battle theme in Diamond and its half-remix in White, the Distortion World in Platinum, and Giratina's battle theme which is also in Platinum.


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1 theme in Pokemon has been my favorite since the moment I first heard it. Personally, Sinnoh's my favorite region, and I loved everything Gen 4, but this theme actually comes from Unova. It was present in BW but removed in BW2 due to the location being excluded from the games:
Route 10's Theme. Everything about the theme suits the location and the point in the game at which you reach the location. It's a travel up to victory road, and portrays a 'journey to the top' feeling. I would often come to this route just to sit and listen to the theme. It has a beautiful melody as well as perfect use of various instruments, and it almost sounds like something out of TLOZ.


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1 theme in Pokemon has been my favorite since the moment I first heard it. Personally, Sinnoh's my favorite region, and I loved everything Gen 4, but this theme actually comes from Unova. It was present in BW but removed in BW2 due to the location being excluded from the games:
Route 10's Theme. Everything about the theme suits the location and the point in the game at which you reach the location. It's a travel up to victory road, and portrays a 'journey to the top' feeling. I would often come to this route just to sit and listen to the theme. It has a beautiful melody as well as perfect use of various instruments, and it almost sounds like something out of TLOZ.
It's such a good theme it was remixed for Super Smash Bros 4.
*Permission to bump obtained from Codraroll

August 2017, in this thread: "I'll eventually make a post of my favorite themes from all the games."

May 2019: I have a rough version of my list ready! I'm too lazy to spruce this up so I'm just c+p'ing from a discord I originally posted this on.

RBY: Viridian City, Cerulean City, Route 11, Vermillion City, SS Anne, Lavender Town, Gym Leader theme and wild battle theme, Rocket Hideout, Champion theme, credits, Road to Pokemon League, Viridian Forest

GSC: Route 30, Violet City, Azalea Town, bike theme, Lake of Rage, Ice Path, Champ theme, surf theme, Route 26, Route 3, Viridian City, Ecruteak City

RSE: Dive theme, Routes 119 & 120, Lilycove City, May theme, Fallabor Town theme, E4 theme and champion theme, credits, Fortree City theme, Frontier Brain theme

DPPt: pretty much all the night music, Oreburgh Gate, route 203, Eterna Forest, Lake, Eterna City, Hearthome City, 209, Cyrus theme, Mt Coronet, Spear Pillar, lake spirit battle theme, Distortion World, League Gate, Cynthia theme, Stark Mountain, Solaceon Town

BW&B2W2: Rival theme, Castelia City theme, Gym Leader theme, Dreamyard, Mistralton City, Opelucid City, E4 Theme, Floccesy Ranch, Aspertia City, Nuvema Town, Plasma theme (BW & B2W2), Castelia Gym in B2W2, Nimbasa Gym in B2W2, trainer battle, Route 10

XY: Boutique Theme (!), Champion theme, route 15, Laverre City, Pokeball Factory

SM: Iki Town (Day), Hau'Oli City (night), Trainer School, Totem Battle, Champion theme, Malie City (night), Aether Paradise, Burnet's Lab, Ghost trial, Infiltration theme, Vast Poni Canyon, Po Town, Gladion Theme, Elite Four theme

FRLG: Pallet Town, Route 3, Cerulean City, Vermillion City, Rocket Base, Cinnibar Island, Route 17 (Johto remix), Champion theme, credits, Lavender Town, Pokemon Tower, Road to Pokemon League

HGSS: Cherrygrove City, Violet City, Cerulean City, Viridian City

ORAS: Rival theme, Magma/Aqua theme, Magma/Aqua leader theme, soaring (night), credits

I will eventually organize this into a top 30/50 list ranking or something; I just wanted to get all this down now.

Edit: I have no plans to add in Let's Go to this list (there's enough Kanto here already)
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It has been long, but anyway (and ugh it didn't save the draft when crashed)

Lilii / Iki Town, the starting town in Alola. Before, I have said about Hauoli City's tropical upbeat, so...
if Hauoli is happy, then Hala took Melemele's melody into this calming, peaceful song.
The mix of the arrangements are great, I didn't know ukulele can be used for this kind of music too.

It also doesn't clash with Grand Trial / Island King battle against Hala at all. (Maybe it does a bit against Hau, but boy is too energetic....)

I’d have to say my favorite is Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem's theme — which is odd, because I hated it when it was first revealed. It took me time to appreciate how it calls back to earlier Pokémon themes (most prominently the RBY Route 1 theme) and the way its intensity rises and falls throughout the song. The slight variations in the instruments for each Tao Dragon were a nice touch, as well.
Hope this isn’t bumping the thread too late, but I think Route 23 from Black and White 2 is a fantastic theme.

If you remember the last maingame route of Black and White, Route 10, that track has a “your journey is coming to an end” feeling, this one gives a “heck yeah! You’ve stopped Team Plasma! Let’s finish this with him and gusto!” It’s so triumphant, and it keeps you going as you are soon to battle tough Ace Trainers and Veterans (and I think BW2 Victory Road is one of if not the toughest Victory Road in the series).

The fact that both Route 10’s theme and Route 23’s theme made it into Smash also says a lot about both tracks.

This theme is not exactly a "Favorite" in terms of the implied meaning; but, it is nevertheless a very nostalgic piece as it was the first Champion theme I've heard (as FireRed was coincidentally the first Pokémon game I've ever played).

After days of seeing your Rival always be a step ahead of you despite being that child who had not the same level of intelligence nor foresight about the world of Pokémon (as is strictly demonstrated by said Rival being the grandson of a world-renowned Pokémon Professor), and after miraculously triumphing over the Elite Four in hopes for the glory.. a bittersweet victory is brought to an abrupt halt as you learn with horror that your Rival beat you to the punch in acquiring the title of Champion.
However, you've triumphed over him in every single meeting the two of you had throughout your journey; so, this could not be any different, right? As you look at your battle-scarred teammates, you walk into the Champion's room with a spark of hope in your eyes that soon turns into a raging flame as the battle with your childhood rival commences.

The composition of this theme really invokes that feeling of a battle at its peak: The upbeat percussion, frantic instruments, and tense atmosphere help keep you on your toes as you fight an intellectually greater beast than yourself. The uplifting climax serves as the turnaround point as you gain momentum against your rival by knocking out his key teammates so that yours can thrive, whether it's the lead Pidgeot impeding your Primeape from taking down Rhydon or even that very same Rhydon impeding your Raichu from denting Blastoise so that your Charizard can take on Exeggutor without a hitch.

... And the feeling of triumph attained after knocking out his trump card... Alakazam will forever be my most hated/least liked Pokémon to date.

My first ever Pokémon team as of defeating Blue for the first time:

Favorite isn't the right word for this one, as it's more or less imprinted in my brain. It would be like saying your own skin is the most attractive skin you've ever seen. Anyway, it has a cool "bass" part which is showcased in a nice way. Nice "bass" is pretty key for old x-bit themes.

GSC is the most chill/deep stuff in pokemon. Enough said.

I want a boat.

For me, the ultimate mood setter for momentous single player pokemon.


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I swear to god when I get a spouse I WILL dance with them to this song. Absolutely beautiful, holy shit.
This reminds me of another favorite & memorable theme from Gen V: Village Bridge.
It starts out with just the background music, but around town you can find a flute player, beatboxer, and finally a singer to add in additional layers and lyrics to get a more complete song. Nothing to dance to, but I think it's very nice chill music.

Yung Dramps

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Since it's pretty obvious to me that Chairman Rose is the main villain, I decided it wouldn't hurt to check out his battle theme and...

Good lord they did NOT need to go this hard and yet they did. This is Ganondorf-tier shit with the epic orchestra and chanting. Hopefully Rose is a good character with an actually good team this time (looking at you Lusamine) to go along with it.

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I have mixed feelings for Sw/Sh OST... Yeah, there are some good themes, but some of them or don't feel good for the moment (Like Chairman Rose's battle theme) or tend to get quite tiring (Like battle against Zacian/Zamazenta) However, this one really nailed it with the moment

Honestly, this fits soooo much with the feeling of being in a wild adventure in a United Kingdom based region. One of the few themes I feel totally cohesive with what they wanted to deliver


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My two favorite themes in all of Pokemon would have to be Nimbasa City in Unova and the fashion boutique in Lumiose City in Kalos. Both are catchy and fun and I always found myself humming along to them.



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Surprised I didn't post this here, quoting from my Pokemon Master's post about the music in the game:

Holy Miltanks! I was expecting them to have the fitting themes we all know for each trainer, but I wasn't expecting them to give them all full remixes!

Trainer Battle (Kanto Trainer): Remix of the classic Kanto theme. Honestly didn't change that much, though changed up the instruments now and again to keep it fresh.

But after that is where we start seeing the remixes, though "remix" should be taken loosely as while it obviously has the parts we recognize they either add in, expand, or completely change other segments making it its own track separate from the original source pretty much (there's also a possibility of them throwing in some other themes):

Kanto Gym Leader/Elite Four: After the build-up the pace is picked up until it gets to a point where it sounds more dramatic breaking up the speedy pace which is then goes back to.
Boss Trainer (Kanto Champion): The song heard in the trailers, it wasn't until now do I realize it's a remix of Blue's theme! This time they have a heavier focus on stringed instruments and horns.
Johto Gym Leader/Elite Four: I think here it's the instrument choice which stands out as it's not normal sounds you here, it sort of gives it an Arabian feel I wanna say... and then suddenly it switches back to the Johto Gym Leader/Elite Four before repeating.
Hoenn Gym Leader: YOU WANT FRENCH HORNS? WE GOT YOUR FRENCH HORNS! While the drums and piano is certainly still there in the background, they really put more emphasis on the horns (and violins) giving it a more classical sounding tune.
Hoenn Elite Four: While the original was already dramatic, this one takes it to the eleventh degree! Not all the way through, of course, adding some lighter beats at the end to bring down the tension before repeating.
Sinnoh Gym Leader: They really went out of their way to make this one different, also sounds like something I'd hear in a Shantae game.
Sinnoh Elite Four: "Wait, aren't Sinnoh's Gym Leader & Elite Four the same"? Yes and no, the original tracks were the same music but played slightly differently. In fact I would say the Elite Four version here more sounds like the original track then the Gym Leader's.
Sinnoh Frontier Brain: Already this one starts differently as it's tune is vaguely similar until it goes into the more recognizable part. It's also a lot more heavily synthesized. Also, I think they maybe added in the tune you get when you win a Symbol.
Vs Barry: I just can not smirk with these theme. So much more jaunty! Especially with the horns at the beginning. Sounds like it's being played by a marching band at points.
Unova Gym Leader: Unova seems to try combine it's synthesized parts with classical sounding instruments in the background. Not only that but they throw in both the Low HP music and the "Gym Leader's Last Pokemon" theme!
Unova Elite Four: Original Unova Elite Four was a bit of a dark and moody theme, and though this version starts keeping it that way it soon changes things up to make it more jazzy.
Kalos Gym Leader: A wave of synthesized noise with heavier drum beats and a guitar. I wonder if any inspiration came from Korrina's "Successor" version of the theme.
Alola Island Kahuna: At first it sounded like I was listening to a track from a Metal Gear game... and then the lighthearted part of the theme starts to play. Just as jarring as in the original, lol. Its this duality of the intense beginning/end and the the more upbeat middle section I think they played with more than they did in the original.
Alola Elite Four: They not only keep the rather sinister sounding of the theme but amp it up, almost making is an atmospheric piece like one you'd hear while exploring a dark underground cave.
Vs Hau: Much like Hau's version of the Alola Champion Theme in USUM, it takes a while before the most recognizable parts of Hau's theme comes in. Meanwhile just enjoy the lively but laid back tropical beat.
Pokemon Center: A much more livelier version of the theme many trainers has grown up with. In fact this sounds more like an early route theme, a tune to make you want to get you adventuring.
Poke Mart: Took me a while to re-recognize the Mart theme, the sped up pace really disguises it. Theme pretty much screams "hurry up, get your stuff, and get back out there"!

BTW, the new music is also great:

Cafe/Edit Team
Pasio Mountains
Vs. Protagonist Theme (Brendan & Rosa)
Vs. Team Break
Vs. Lear

EDIT: Forgot Hoenn Frontier Brain.
Why bring this up now? Because they recently released:

Giovanni (went 20 years without his own theme and within a span of 2 years was suddenly given two. Oh, and since it's Giovanni YET AGAIN...)
Lance (DRAGONITE, HYPER BEAM! That aside, a neat little detail is I think it might have a bit of Dragon's Den mixed in)
Cynthia (Always with that piano, and I liked how they mixed in her encounter theme)


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best admin theme
Hm, out of the admins who use a remix of the grunt theme I prefer Plumeria's as it gives it a completely different feel (making it match her Poison-type preference), however this remix is good with its faster pace plus those sirens; gives a feeling the admin is a step above the grunt and you're actually in for a challenge (helps the first admin you face is Mars who uses a Purugly (at a level it shouldn't have evolved at) which packs quite the punch at that point in the game).

BTW, a new Masters trainers was released with a unique them:

Zinnia (was surprised they through in the the Hoenn Trainer theme in first though the transition to Zinnia's theme proper is nicely done)

Steven should be coming up next!
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